It’s actually your fault

Calling yourself an entrepreneur is pretty sexy these days.

Just mention the word and images of high-flying success, fancy cars and travel to exotic places spring to mind for most people. The reality though, is usually very different. Along with the title of director or boss or whatever you like to call yourself, you get the added bonus of responsibility.

Most of us are comfortable being the boss when things are going well, not so much when everything seems to be going wrong! Ah, I can hear your thought process already; well, its not always my fault, sometimes my team gets it wrong, sometimes clients are entirely unreasonable, sometimes our suppliers are unreliable. Maybe so, but don’t make excuses, don’t look for people to blame because ultimately, its all your fault.

That’s the thing about being the boss. If your team isn’t delivering, you haven’t instilled the mindset, provided the training and created the culture that enable them to do so. If your clients are unhappy, its time to create new products and services, review your processes and find ways to add more value. If your supply chain lets you down, maybe its time to consider bringing things in-house, or outsourcing abroad, or finding multiple suppliers to ensure continuity.

This may seem a little harsh, and I know it doesn’t seem fair for all the blame to go back to the boss all the time. But then leadership was never about fairness and was always about capability and responsibility. So if your people in your business are underperforming, or leaving to go work for your competitors, if people are not engaged in what they are doing and passionate about creating the outcomes that matter, its all your fault. If on the other hand, business is going well and success is flowing, it’s your fault. Take a bow!

Take a look in the mirror and give yourself a little talking to. Provide some constructive criticism, praise where its due, and keep on rising to the challenge of being an entrepreneur.