Knowing is not doing and doing is everything

I hope the pic I’ve attached to this article won’t offend anyone. It’s a pretty common, quintessentially Australian phrase, so I hope you’ll be ok with it.

It’s simple message is a really important driver in establishing, growing and succeeding in your business. You’ve heard the expression “knowledge is power”, right? Well, its not. Knowledge is everywhere and its cheap; in fact its often free. You can find all the information you need on growing your business online. There are podcasts, webinars, courses, ebooks, articles, posts… Type “how to grow my business” into YouTube and you can watch videos non-stop until you keel over!

So it’s not about the knowledge. It’s about the application of that knowledge in a way that moves your business forward and moves you toward achieving your goals. If you’re like most business owners, you know what you should do, but you struggle to implement! You struggle to DO. There are some common reasons for this.

You think you need more information
You want to make good decisions in your business and avoid the pain that comes with making bad ones. So before you decide, you try to map out every possible scenario. You research, ask, think, research again, check what others are doing… In the meantime, the decision isn’t made and your business has stalled. An average decision is usually better than no decision. Make it and move on. If it’s not a great decision, make a better one. And then another one and keep moving.

You’re not quite ready
You know you should do something about that issue or opportunity, but things are not quite right yet. You need a better business card. Your website needs updating. There’s a new model coming out soon. You’re not sure you have all the necessary information. You want to get it just right. Perfectionism is admirable – as long as it doesn’t strangle your business. Things are rarely perfect. Make the best move you can with what you have available to you now.

You want to get the team’s buy-in
I understand and fully encourage a collaborative and inclusive approach to running your business, but if you turn it into a committee, not much will get done. Have you ever joined a school committee, local group committee? Then you may know what I mean! Everybody has a view and whilst I understand you want to take them all into account, sometimes you have to bite the bullet, make a decision and move on. Not the best decision? Make a better one. You get the idea.

You don’t have the time, money, people…
Its unusual for any business to have all the resources it desires at its disposal. Almost every business I have ever worked with or in has needed more time, money or people – especially in the small business world. Whilst waiting until you have all these things might seem sensible, it usually means you are missing opportunities. Work with what you have. If it’s not much, that’s ok, start small, but hustle and get on the path to growth.

Most business people intuitively understand this, but many of us fail to fully commit to it. I think that’s one of the reasons “get shit done” seems to have caught on as our unofficial tag line. Our clients and even our friends seem to have embraced it as a good reminder that knowing is not enough – we have to act, we have to do!